Slamdance 2024 - Baby, Dosh, and Restorage
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We are at the Slamdance Film Festival bringing you three short films that deal with the complicated nature of family issues. Baby is a charming short film that follows what happens when a woman with down syndrome wants to have a baby. Director/producer James Di Martino and writer/producer Llewellyn Michael Bates explain why they found it important to tell this story, the inspiration behind the fun party scene, and what a joy it was to make. In Dosh, a hard-of-hearing mother must decide how to get help for her husband's mental illness after her son's life is put at risk. Director/writer Radha Mehta and talent Renu Razdan share how cultural differences and shame play a big part of this story, putting disability and bipolarism on the forefront, and what it takes for a woman to feel more empowered. Restorage is the pilot episode for a series about a man who's father has passed away and left him an old storage unit that has the ability to fix anything that's been broken. Co-creator/director E'an Verdugo and co-creator/producer Caleb Davis share how a  storage facility became a main character in the story, how covid almost destroyed their shooting schedule, and their secret to filming a sci-fi story on a budget. Follow director/producer James Di Martino on IG Follow writer/producer Llewellyn Michael Bates on IG Follow Dosh on IG Follow director/writer Radha Mehta on IG Follow actor Renu Razdan on IG Follow director E'an Verdugo on IG Follow producer Caleb Davis on IG Support the showThanks for listening and for your support! We couldn't have reached 10 years, recorded 700+ episodes, and won Best of the Bay Best Podcast in 2022 and 2023 without your help! -- Be well, stay safe, Black Lives Matter, AAPI Lives Matter, and abortion is normal. -- Subscribe to our channel on YouTube for behind the scenes footage! Rate and review us wherever you listen to podcasts! Visit our website! Follow us on Instagram & Facebook Listen every Tuesday at 9 - 10 am on BFF.FM
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