Slamdance 2024 - Welcome to the Enclave + Legend of El Cucuy
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Holy shit, this is a fun episode! We're covering 2 Slamdance Film Festival short films that are frightening in very different ways. Legend of El Cucuy is a short film about a monster that kidnaps disobedient children at night. Director Cynthia Garcia Williams sits down with us to talk about the importance of casting Afro-Latinos and incorporating Spanish into the film, how Jordan Peele influenced the imagery of El Cucuy, and the first time she learned about El Cucuy as a kid. Welcome to the Enclave is a short film about two Texas sisters who flee to the metaverse to escape the pandemic, until their digital utopia gets taken over by internet trolls. Director Sarah Lasley and star Brenna Palughi shed some light on how Sarah's mom was an inspiration for the short, the beauty and freedom of working with your best friend, and the connection between breastfeeding and Carly Simon's Coming Around Again. Follow director Cynthia Garcia Williams on IG Follow director Sarah Lasley on IG Follow talent Brenna Palughi on IG Support the showThanks for listening and for your support! We couldn't have reached 10 years, recorded 700+ episodes, and won Best of the Bay Best Podcast in 2022 and 2023 without your help! -- Be well, stay safe, Black Lives Matter, AAPI Lives Matter, and abortion is normal. -- Subscribe to our channel on YouTube for behind the scenes footage! Rate and review us wherever you listen to podcasts! Visit our website! Follow us on Instagram & Facebook Listen every Tuesday at 9 - 10 am on BFF.FM
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