Crown Holders: She Dared to Dream - Sisterhood Grand Rising
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#SheDaredToDreamMC: I know this past week was such a disappointment to many with the less than favorable outcome for the Breonna Taylor's case and the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I want to try and allay the uncomfortable feelings many of us are having by bringing you 21 women Who Dared to Dream!   Sept. 27-Sept. 30 BAN Radio Show and Crown Holders Transmedia will feature women speakers and authors that are here to bring you peace, joy and tips for making a way out of no way. Watch my page for the program listings!   Featured Speakers and Authors 1)  Antoinette R. Davis   2)  CeCe Fann    3)  Cerece Rennie Murphy   4)  Cheryl Mattox Berry 5)  Imani Wisdom  - Pearl Page  6)  Janet Autherine   7)  Joan Vassar   8)  Joylynn M. Ross   9)  Lisa Blackmon   10)  Lisa Renee Johnson   11)  Lutishia Lovely   12)  Nina Foxx   13)  Pamela Samuels Young   14)  Patricia A. Bridewell  15)  Patricia A. Saunders 16)  Paulette Harper - Pearl Page 17)  Shelia E. Bell - Pearl Page 18)  Suzette D. Harrison   19)  Taressa Stovall   20)  Terri Coleman Martinez 21)  Yvonne Evans-Strachan  Crown Holders Presents:  She Dared to Dream Masterclasses Who you become and how you experience the world is a result of how you see everything that exists around you, says author  Janet Autherine in her new book, Island Mindfulness: How to Use the Transformational Power of Mindfulness to Live an Abundant Life.
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