Con-artist: the story of Amy Bock
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Amy Bock was a criminal "supreme in her cleverness". Her most famous con saw her pose as a man for 15 weeks and marry the daughter of her landlord. Nobody has ever been able to explain what motivated her lifetime of fraud and scams.
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When Eric Mareo was convicted of murder for a second time, the judgewrote to the Attorney General raising grave concerns about the verdict. In this episode, we look at how prejudice and sensationalist media might have seen an innocent man sentenced to death.
Published 05/23/21
Published 05/23/21
Kiwis rose to their feet and cheered when the flamboyant orchestra conductor Eric Mareo was found guilty of murdering his wife in 1936. But 85 years later, the verdict seems less certain. Was justice done? Or was Mareo an innocent man? RNZ's Black Sheep podcast investigates.
Published 05/16/21