Blue Crush (2002)
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What the hell is this movie? A family drama, a rom com, a buddy flick...all rolled into one? With an art school veneer on select scenes? Plus near-death drowning experiences while surfing ludicrously large waves? We'll take it...maybe? The Betties are not quite sure what to make of this movie, but we definitely had fun discussing "chill" surfer culture, workers rights of hotel employees, and dating football players. We recall our own attempts at surfing and how nobody in this movie should be shaming ANYONE for being terrified of drowning since that is a VERY REAL possibility. There are some nice takeaways, like "even if you repeatedly fail to perform well during a competition, you can redeem yourself by catching one perfect wave" or "if you are talking shit about someone, maybe make sure they are not in the same room with you"! Listen in for the hot takes and lukewarm feelings regarding this movie! Starring: Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Sanoe Lake and Mika Boorem
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