Legally Blonde (2001)
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What better film to enjoy after the 2020 election than one with a babe who believes in due process, and to quote Elle herself: “WE DID IT!”. We are wrapping up season two with the movie that puts the ACHIEVEMENT in our theme of Sports, Competition, and Achievement. Fun fact: this episode was recorded two weeks before the 2020 election, so please enjoy the intro which includes us collectively screaming into pillows to purge some pre-election stress, oh the memories! Anyways, this movie gave us SO much to love: pink pleather and sequins, colorful millennial MacBooks, Jennifer Coolidge as a shy nail tech, the bend and snap, hair care tips, and Luke Wilson’s earnest soul, it’s time we gave a little love back! To end, Elle Woods sacrificed so much of herself for some stupid prick who didn’t see how amazing she was, and in doing so she found her own power within and left that bozo in the dust, now who can’t relate to THAT?! Vote for Elle! Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wllson, Selma Blair. Follow us on Instagram @blockbusterbetties and send love notes to [email protected]
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