Crossroads (2002)
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Wowzers, what a doozy this one is. First of all, #FreeBritney forever (obviously) - but also....*should* Britney be acting??? The consensus here is...this may be best left to the professionals, especially for a plot this melodramatic. We wished there were more fun dancing in this movie and less, uh, traumatic sexual violence that's just casually thrown in there. We did learn a few things along the way, like how much a cracked radiator repair cost in 2002 (as well as how ripped Justin Long was). We also enjoyed the Dan Aykroyd and Kim Cattrall cameos, even if both of them played the opposite of how we usually see them (helicopter single dad and suburban mother-of-two in Tucson, AZ). Anyway, chalk this one up to "we rewatched so you didn't have to" and enjoy the episode!  
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