Yield Curve Pancaking Impact; Bank TLAC Deficits?
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In this week’s edition of the Bloomberg podcast, Bloomberg Intelligence analysts discuss the findings and impacts of their research:  X Draws DSA Heat, But Other Social Media Platforms on Notice Too -- Tamlin Bason says objectionable content following Hamas’ attack will reveal how aggressively EU regulators will wield new enforcement powers.  Alternative-Assets Fundraising Slips, Yet Private Credit Robust -- Paul Gulberg says private capital fundraising is on track to finish this year 20% below 2022, exceeding forecasts for a single-digit drop.  Fed to Put JPMorgan, Wells Fargo’s TLAC Surpluses at Risk -- Arnold Kakuda explains why their bail-in debt surpluses may turn into deficits.  Grocery E-Commerce Profit Could Hinge on Bespoke Ads Off Data -- Diana Rosero-Pena lays out changes that might lift unprofitable grocery operations.  Yield Curve Pancakes Before Steepening as Tightening Hits Growth -- Ira Jersey explains the impact of the market finally pricing for extended tight monetary conditions.  The Bloomberg Intelligence radio show with Paul Sweeney and Alix Steel podcasts through Apple’s iTunes, Spotify and Luminary. It broadcasts on Saturdays and Sundays at noon on Bloomberg’s flagship station WBBR (1130 AM) in New York, 106.1 FM/1330 AM in Boston, 99.1 FM in Washington, 960 AM in the San Francisco area, channel 119 on SiriusXM, www.bloombergradio.com, and iPhone and Android mobile apps.  Bloomberg Intelligence, the research arm of Bloomberg L.P., has more than 400 professionals who provide in-depth analysis on more than 2,000 companies and 135 industries while considering strategic, equity and credit perspectives. BI also provides interactive data from over 500 independent contributors. It is available exclusively for Bloomberg Terminal subscribers. Run BI . See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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