Navajo Nation Argues for Water Rights
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Ezra Rosser, a professor at the American University Washington College of Law, discusses Supreme Court oral arguments over what steps, if any, the federal government must take to help the Navajo Nation deal with a water crisis that leaves 30 percent of its people without running water.Ava Benny-Morrison discusses a federal judge throwing out the majority of the claims made against JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank in proposed class action suits filed by a victim of Jeffrey Epstein identified only as Jane Doe. June Grasso hosts. See for privacy information.
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Environmental law expert Pat Parenteau, a professor at the Vermont Law and Graduate School, discusses the Supreme Court putting new limits on the Clean Water Act. June Grasso hosts. See for privacy information.
Published 05/31/23
Sara Schwartz, of Andover, Massachusetts-based Schwartz Hannum, who frequently represents private schools, discusses the trend of parents suing private schools over so-called “woke” instruction. June Grasso hosts See for privacy information.
Published 05/30/23
Published 05/30/23