#75 Monday Funday with Dave Nunez
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Started off on my own and then Dave Nunez joined the podcast episode. Podcast Notes: Mondays are not that bad Grieving Thanks Dave Jokes Video killed the audio call Getting in the podcast groove. Shout out to Silly Goose and Houston, Texas Kraken Coffee or Whiskey Travel and Tacos Cow and Lamb tongue Clams and Oysters Roadkill Poke Go follow Dave Nunez Give him a review and 5 stars --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
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For the second time I have my Mom on the podcast. Listeners have told me they enjoyed the first one with her. I let her know that but she doesn’t care lol. We hang out in her backyard garden. You will hear different birds chirping throughout the episode. Podcast notes: •paint •in the garden...
Published 07/27/22
For the 4th time I have my friend on the podcast: Diego Morales aka Texas Chuckle. Diego is a Comedian in Dallas, Texas and a Man of many talents. Go follow him on ig: @texaschuckle --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 06/29/22
Published 06/29/22