Infertility, IVF and a very happy ending with Brooke Hogan
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You may remember Brooke Hogan (now Brooke Pitt!) from Australia’s Next Top Model, from one of her many incredible businesses (LE MÓN, Our Pilates) or follow her online. However you know of her, or if you’re yet to come across her, you’re going to love this episode. TRIGGER WARNING - this episode does discuss themes of infertility, IVF and threatened miscarriage. Please know there is a happy ending to the story, but we appreciate these topics may be upsetting to some listeners. In this podcast Brooke so graciously and openly covers: Her struggle with infertilityHer experience with assisted reproduction - starting with ovulation induction, then IUI and finally IVFThe impact on her relationship as well as her own mental healthHow her body responded to the IVF drugs and her experience with overstimulationThe emotional rollercoaster that finally led to a pregnancyThreatened miscarriage and some of the challenges in early pregnancyHow to support your loved ones who are going through fertility challengesand more…You can connect with Brooke on Instagram and follow along as her beautiful bump grows and her family expands. Today's episode is brought to you by OiOi. OiOi is a beautiful family owned company started by Lisa 25 years ago when her baby Isabella was born (who is now running the company with her!). They have created a beautiful (and incredibly practical) range of nappy back packs, as well as other items including tote bags, pram liners and caddies, change mats and more. OiOi’s range come in a number of colours and prints, including their beautiful pineapple print, which has become a symbol of strength, resilience and hope in the IVF community and for families struggling with infertility. Use the code BOOBTOFOOD for 15% off site wide (valid for the next 12 months). Visit to explore the range and grab yours today (Luka used the tan backpack with Will and absolutely loved it. Follow us on instagram @boobtofood to stay up to date with all the podcast news, recipes and other content that we bring to help make meal times and family life easier. Visit for blogs and resources, to book an appointment with one of our amazing practitioners and more. Presented by Luka McCabe and Kate Holm To get in touch please email [email protected]
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