Camping with kids, homeschooling and motherhood with Bohannah Gerritsen from The Simple Folk
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Have you always felt nervous to go camping with kids? How about full time while also homeschooling? Our beautiful guest this week does just that - with so much love for her children and enjoyment of motherhood. We can’t wait to introduce you to Bohannah Gerritsen from The Simple Folk. Bo - along with her husband Tye and three kids Indiana (iggy) Archer and Olive - live an unconventional life, freelancing their way around Australia - working on content creation, homeschooling and spending their days living for the moment. Did we add, they are doing this all while camping in a tent? Bo and her family are so inspiring, down to earth, and so in love as a family. In this podcast we chat to Bohannah about: Camping with kids - the highs, the lows (and insects!) and just how it really works when doing it all in a tentHow they made the decision to travel full timeSome of the challenges that come with living on the roadHow they manage to shop and cook (and the fact that the kids do all the cooking!)How they fill their cups and spend their daysWhat homeschooling really looks likeAnd so much more.Bohannah and her family are such beautiful souls, and their travels and stories have been really inspiring to us. You can follow along their adventures on Instagram or TikTok. Today's episode is brought to you by Newy Supply Co. Newy Supply Co was born out of the need to feed... while preferably not having to shop for groceries, spend hours in the kitchen, do the dishes... oh and ensuring your family is happy and nourished too. It's a hefty ask, but Newy Supply Co have nailed the brief. Real food, made from real ingredients, prepared fresh, then snap frozen, for families who want to take a load off. They're also the perfect size to fit in your freezer to take camping, and make meal times SO much easier when you don't have facilities to cook like you would at home. Use the code BOOBTOFOOD for 10% off your first order or visit or Newy Supply Co on instagram for more details and to check out their amazing menu! Follow us on instagram @boobtofood to stay up to date with all the podcast news, recipes and other content that we bring to help make meal times and family life easier. Follow us on instagram @boobtofood to stay up to date with all the podcast news, recipes and other content that we bring to help make meal times and family life easier. Visit for blogs and resources, to book an appointment with one of our amazing practitioners and more. Presented by Luka McCabe and Kate Holm To get in touch please email [email protected]
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