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Hour 1 Boomer & Gio are both out so it’s Jerry & Sal today. We start with Sal’s vacation out east and he could not believe there are $30 million homes on Long Island. Then we get into the Yankees and Jerry says they have been lousy. Sal wonders who the Yankees really are. Are they the team we are seeing now or the team we watched in the first half of the season? We talked about the Kay-Rod broadcast with Derek Jeter as a guest. With Jerry hosting, C-Lo is in the update chair. He starts with the Mets beating the Phillies and their announcers seem to think the Mets are dinking and dunking hits. The Mets have done a great job of not giving up many runs at all lately. They also talked about the Kay-Rod cast with Derek Jeter and the Jeter documentary. The Yankees & Red Sox game lasted only 2 hours & 15 min last night and the Yankees lost 3-0. We wonder where Giancarlo Stanton has been. Sal overslept and missed the first hour of his show last week. In the final segment of the hour, we talk about Isiah Kiner-Falefa’s first HR and John Sterling’s HR call. Jerry loves it, Sal doesn’t care for it. Jerry plays some of Sterling’s HR calls from people you don’t even remember were on the Yankees.  Hour 2 The 7am hour starts with the Zach Wilson injury from Friday night. Sal talked about the importance of having a pocket QB. When you have a running QB like Zach Wilson, your chance of injury goes way up. They also talked about Daniel Jones’ future with the Giants. Sal thinks Zach Wilson has the ‘It’ factor. Jerry does not. He sees him as a bust. C-Lo returns for an update and starts with the Mets beating the Phillies. We talked about colonoscopies and endoscopies as well. Sal tells a story of meeting Mike Piazza at a restaurant and meeting Mick Foley while working as a cashier at Home Depot. In the final segment of the hour, we take calls about the Mets, Yankees and endoscopies.  Hour 3 The 8am hour begins with a call about Yankee Pitcher Scott Effross. We then got into Aaron Boone as Manager. A caller called him a ‘second place manager’ and Jerry and Sal debate it. C-Lo returns for an update but first we talk about Rage Against The Machine at MSG and Sal is mad he had no idea they were even playing there. The Yankees were shut out in Boston last night. We debate whether A-Rod is a phony. Fernando Tatis Jr gets an 80 game ban. We heard from Rob Saleh on the Zach Wilson injury. In the final segment of the hour, we take some calls on the Mets. Hour 4 The 9am hour starts with Sal saying there is no chance he’s watching the NBA on Christmas or the NFL on Christmas Eve & Christmas. Jerry doesn’t know what to believe when it comes to NBA reporters and Kyrie. C-Lo returns for his last update of the day but first we talk about celebratory cork. We moved on to the Mets who beat the Phillies again. Buck Showalter wonders how Broadway works. The Yankees were shutout in Boston last night in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Fans in Jacksonville chant nasty things at Deshaun Watson. In the final segment of the hour we talk about Al’s diet and finish up with a call on the Yankees.
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