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NEW EDWIN DELAROSA SIGNATURE FRAME - https://youtu.be/U-GywtUjczs VIDEOS Mimo Seedler - SIBMX 2023 - https://youtu.be/I9fzWe4Boo0 Thomas Roulston - Make It Work - BSD - https://youtu.be/Nlvsd5vJLno Foolz Jam NJ - https://youtu.be/bUxpeUofnqk Kings Ride Shop - Kings Mirage - https://youtu.be/Awp-lBY5yac Apple Valley Park 12th Anniversary Jam - https://youtu.be/1Mm4UeslEWY Vans Unfiltered - Cape Town - Last Chapter - https://youtu.be/D3BXnmLKpJs Kanode Knows Video Breakdown - Vans Unflitered - https://youtu.be/T9hEwakufdI Jimmah - S&M Built Different Section - https://youtu.be/x36Thjl_Nrg Hoffman - Seth Kimbrough - Testimony - 2002- https://youtu.be/g2Vm9Cm6GKQ Triple Challenge Glendale AZ - https://youtu.be/0Dn88CrFnzE Matthias Dandois - Time Machine - Red Bull - https://youtu.be/2Hhe2_RZYpU Mat Hoffman - Testimony - 2002 - https://youtu.be/yqqfK2NgCOc Dam Good BMX Jam - https://youtu.be/MogY9wUaGKw Capital Lou Jam 2023 - https://youtu.be/cLafZnAtDvs PRODUCTS Fit Metal Eagle Promo / Pre-Order - https://youtu.be/1IDCzdE8cQs S&M Mike Hoder BTM Pedal - https://youtu.be/QCyQbgKOpGU INTERVIEWS Big Boy Bike Check - Source BMX - https://youtu.be/-FdNgkRAPps Trey Jones Unclicked Podcast - https://youtu.be/ODC9VRPcCfc Episode on youtube - https://youtube.com/live/hLFz8LPYX-A Save 10% on Fit and S&M with the code "BRANT" and make sure to use these links! Fit Bike Co - https://fitbikeco.com/?ref=brant S&M Bikes - https://www.sandmbikes.com/?ref=brant Discounts, T-Shirts & More! - https://beacons.ai/brant_moore Episodes with video - http://bit.ly/talkingbmx Thank you for choosing to spend your time listening!  If you enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Consider Subscribing on Youtube - http://bit.ly/Brant_Moore If this helped you in some way, consider supporting the channel with my Join button for a membership or through my store! Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/brantmoore
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Joe Cupp is a co-founder of the legendary Section 8 indoor skatepark that was in Youngstown Ohio during the mid 2000's. Section 8 had an undeniable impact on BMX as well as several well known riders who may not have seen the same success without it. Joe was also a rider so let's have a chat and...
Published 03/24/24
Published 03/24/24
Terry Adams is a Flatland BMX legend who is in the midst of an incredible career. On top of too many contest wins to list as well as several NORA cup wins, he has ridden for Red Bull for 20 years. Not only is Terry an incredible rider and an inspiration, but also he has recently been part of the...
Published 03/17/24