MooreBMX 029: Trent Lutzke & The INBETWEEN
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Trent Lutzke lives and breaths BMX. Trent is an incredible rider who is doing great things in BMX not only on the bike, but also behind the lens. From some of the gnarliest grinds ever to one of if not the biggest feeble grind ever done, Trent absolutely kills it on his bike. When it comes to making videos, Trent has a way of capturing the In Between, or the feeling behind BMX that we all love so much and it makes his videos so much fun to watch. Episode 3 of THE INBETWEEN comes out TOMORROW on so stay tuned and don't miss it! Episode on youtube - Save 10% on Fit and S&M with the code "BRANT" and make sure to use these links! Fit Bike Co - S&M Bikes - Discounts, T-Shirts & More! - Episodes with video - Thank you for choosing to spend your time listening!  If you enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Consider Subscribing on Youtube - If this helped you in some way, consider supporting the channel with my Join button for a membership or through my store! Patreon -
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