Photowalk: The soundtrack for HOPE and PEACE
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Hans Johnson is an international award-winning film and television composer. He records and collects sounds from the cultures and people he spends time with, celebrating diversity and encouraging harmony and togetherness through his music. His videos and pictures often lead the compositions he makes and today, he shares the stories behind his music. Also, philosophical YouTuber Sean Tucker talks about the importance of retreat and recharging to energise your creativity, plus letters into the show share stories of lost and found mojo, and photographic Haiku; poetry and photography as a partnership. Links to all guests and features will be on the showpage, my sincere thanks to who sponsor this show and the Extra Milers without whom we wouldn't be walking each week. WHY: A Sketchbook of Life is available here.
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As we walk today, two guests feature in the show. Photographer and creative retreat mentor Margaret Soraya from the Isle of Harris shares how the arts have helped her mental health immeasurably during a period of grief following the passing of her mother. Former school deputy head Emily Renier,...
Published 04/19/24
Published 04/19/24
Welcome to a photography podcast where we walk together with a mailbag of stories and pictures. My guest today, John Dolan, understands and completely embraces the importance of the photographic moment over photographic perfection. The second edition of his best-selling monograph, The Perfect...
Published 04/12/24