The Taiwan Lobby
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Today we talk about the impact of foreign governments on US policy and Think Tanks. Specifically, how the Taiwan lobby paved the way for Pelosi’s trip this summer. We also discuss the origins of the “One China Policy”. Check out this article: Support on Patreon: #254
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Today we discuss the brutal murder of a European Monarchie, hyper nationalism in Serbia and the origins of the secret regicide network known as the “Black Hand” (you know, the guys who kill Archduke Ferdinand). As Ralph Raico says – “The immediate origins of the 1914 war lie in the twisted...
Published 11/23/22
Today, we discuss the polarization of Europe’s geopolitical system, along with the naval arms race between Britain and Germany. As Christopher Clark says – “If you compare a diagram of the alliances among the European great powers in 1887 with a similar map for the year 1907, you see the...
Published 11/09/22
Published 11/09/22