Whistleblower Sounds the Alarm: Organic Food Is Under Threat with Dave Chapman
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This episode is brought to you by AquaTru and Sweetgreen.  The quality of our food is one of the fundamental pillars in building our health and longevity. With all the food labels, it's hard to differentiate between what truly matters and what is solely a marketing strategy. Lifelong farmer David Chapman is a whistleblower sounding the alarm on the certified USDA organic label and the practices behind the companies using that label. Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with David, a lifelong farmer, Co-Director, and Board Chair of the Real Organic Project, to discuss how the certified organic label has been hijacked and how consumers are being misled. Dave shares the truths about the hydroponic process, the differences between smaller farms and large-scale operations, and the government's shortcomings in regulating the organic farming industry.  Dave Chapman is a lifelong organic farmer who runs the Long Wind Farm in Vermont. He is the Co-Director and Board Chair of the Real Organic Project, dedicated to reigniting and connecting the organic movement. David also leads the Real Organic Podcast and co-founded Vermont Organic Farmers. He serves on the Policy Committee of the Organic Farmers Association. His latest project is the creation of the Tomato Masterclass, a training for farmers working to create a strong economic base for their market gardens. In this episode, Dhru and David dive into (audio version / Apple Subscriber version): The top ways consumers are being misled when buying organic (3:58 / 3:58)The impact of these misleading statements on our climate (13:40 / 12:06)Dave’s mission and raising awareness (16:14 / 14:21)What is hydroponic and what it misses (19:27 / 17:50)What kind of eggs we should be eating (29:11 / 27:40)The government’s role in protecting consumers and what is lacking (40:07 / 36:36)Careful and skillful efforts by small farms versus industrialized farms (50:38 / 47:05)The inability of farmers to become certified organic and the importance of trust (55:35 / 52:20)Requirements for grass-fed beef (1:02:58 / 59:25)Dave’s journey in becoming a farmer (1:07:22 / 1:03:53)How the Real Organic Project started and what their certification stands for (1:11:25 / 1:07:48) The Non-GMO Project efforts (1:29:50 / 1:26:17)The certification process by the Real Organic Project (1:37:10 / 1:33:32) How you can help and where to learn more (1:59:17 / 1:55:50) Also mentioned in this episode: Real Organic Project Hydroponic debateAlexandre Farms AquaTru is a countertop reverse osmosis purifier with a four-stage filtration system that removes 15x more contaminants than the bestselling water filters out there. Go to dhrupurohit.com/filter/ and get $100 off when you try AquaTru for yourself.  Find out more about Sweetgreen and their newest protein plates at www.sweetgreen.com. New Users of the sweet green app can use the code "Dhru5" for $5 off.  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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