The Step By Step Longevity Protocol this 72 Year Old Followed to Reverse Her Osteopenia, Build Muscle and Become the Oldest American Ninja Warrior
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This episode is brought to you by Vivobarefoot and Lumebox.  We’ve heard the experts tell us the importance of maintaining muscle mass and strength training as we age. But, for some of us, it may feel like this advice came too late in life. Today's guest is here to share that it’s never too late to focus on building and maintaining muscle and becoming active.  Today, on the Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down with competitive athlete Virginia (“Ginny”) MacColl to discuss the biggest myths about fitness as we age. Ginny shares her strength training journey, reversing her osteopenia and ultimately becoming the oldest person to complete an American Ninja Warrior obstacle at 71. Virginia MacColl, also known as Ginny, is a dancer and competitive athlete. Ginny began strength training, inspired by her daughter, Jessie Graff, who has gone farther than any female on American Ninja Warrior. At 63 years old, Ginny did her first pull-up and competed in American Ninja Warrior, making history at age 71 as the oldest person to complete an obstacle. She was named the oldest competitive female ninja athlete in the 2024 Guinness World Record Book.  In this episode, Dhru and Ginny dive into (audio version / Apple Subscriber version): The biggest myths about fitness (1:44 / 1:44)  Ginny’s story (9:33 / 7:13 ) Strength training as a method of getting diet in check (18:00 / 15:45) How Ginny’s life has changed and how it has increased her confidence (24:11 / 22:03) Moving parts don’t rust, and the power of “yet” (30:35 / 28:53) The importance of social connections in Ginny’s life (34:55 / 31:39) Finding your why and Ginny’s why (43:20 / 39:06)How Ginny meets her daily protein goals (53:20 / 48:18)Target levels of activity for Ginny, including walking (1:05:23 / 1:01:44) How to get started as a beginner (1:10:15 / 1:05:57)  Also mentioned in this episode: Try This-Grip Strength and Longevity  Hello listeners, just a note that the audio quality on today’s podcast is not the best. However, this conversation was so meaningful that I didn't want my community to miss out on the overall message and the inspiration from Ginny’s story. Let your feet do their natural thing, and upgrade your shoes. Just go to and use the code DHRU15 to get 15% off any order.  Lumebox is offering my community $260 off their FDA-approved portable Red Light device! That's over 50% off! Go to and get your Red Light device.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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