Debunking Health Myths: Digging into the Truth About LDL Cholesterol, Heart Disease, & Keto Diet with Dave Feldman
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The current thoughts around LDL cholesterol center on the fact that there is no scenario in which high LDL numbers could occur in healthy individuals. Traditionally, the belief is high levels of LDL can lead to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease regardless of metabolic health. Today’s guest is here to share his hypothesis and research on how higher cholesterol levels in metabolically fit individuals could be a physiological response rather than a pathological response that can lead to disease.  Today on The Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down with Dave Feldman to discuss high levels of LDL in metabolically healthy individuals. Dave shares the current research on high LDL and cardiovascular disease in individuals eating a ketogenic diet. He also shares his personal approach to focusing on metabolic health and the key markers critical to overall health. Dave discusses the process and findings of the Oreo experiment conducted by his colleague and explains why this experiment further proves their hypothesis on how LDL particles move through the body.  Dave Feldman is a software and platform engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of the Citizen Science Foundation. Through a series of self-experiments and partnering with formal researchers, he has since published the "Lipid Energy Model," which may explain this phenomenon.  In this episode, Dhru and Dave dive into (audio version / Apple Subscriber version): Dave’s hypothesis on LDL (00:24 /00:24)Rethinking our approach to high LDL (2:17 / 2:17) The research on high LDL and cardiovascular disease (10:00 / 6:48) The Oreo experiment and what it shows about fat adaptation (17:23 / 13:45)The pushback to lean mass hyper responder (27:36 / 24:15) Soft plaque versus hard plaque and the risk of cardiovascular disease (37:50 / 35:04) Dave’s personal approach in focusing on overall metabolic health (51:42 / 48:30) Fasting Insulin and Vitamin D (59:33 / 53:45) Endothelial health and cardiovascular health (1:03:28 / 57:45) The vegan’s twin study and the correlation to LDL (1:21:17 / 1:15:49)Dhru’s experience (1:32:17 / 1:26:36)  Also mentioned in this episode: Citizen Science Foundation Oreo Cookie TreatmentNicolas Norwitz, PhD Twitter  This episode is brought to you by LMNT, Momentous, and Lumebox.  Right now, LMNT is offering my listeners a free sample pack with any purchase. Head over to today. Optimize your Omega-3 levels by choosing a quality fish oil made by and used by the best. Go to and enter promo code DHRU to get 20% off any order.  Lumebox is offering my community $260 off their FDA-approved portable Red Light device! That's over 50% off! Go to and get your Red Light device. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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