Stop Wasting Your Money on These Longevity Supplements with Dr. Brad Stanfield
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This episode is brought to you by Momentous and Lumebox.  The supplement industry has experienced exponential growth, inundating consumers with a plethora of new recommendations. Navigating through the abundance of information to discern genuine needs and what is actually beneficial for longevity can be challenging. Today’s guest is here to help us navigate the research and clarify what is truly worth taking.  Today, on The Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down with Dr. Brad Stanfield to discuss the research behind the top supplements that are beneficial for longevity and the ones that fall short based on the studies. Dr. Stanfield shares the benefits of creatine, collagen peptides, and hyaluronic acid serums. He also discusses the importance of a quality multivitamin, adequate fiber, and the best way to take daily supplements. If you are looking to deep dive into the world of supplements, this episode is for you.   Dr. Brad Stanfield is a primary care physician hailing from Auckland, New Zealand who has garnered over 200,000 followers on YouTube for his video segments related to longevity-promoting strategies. In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Stanfield dive into (audio version / Apple Subscriber version): The top three longevity supplements that are overhyped (0:00:33 / 0:00:33) The impact of lifestyle changes and lifestyle coaching (19:22 / 17:35) What we know about rapamycin (22:22 / 20:15) The slam dunk evidence behind creatine for recovery and cognition (24:47 / 22:40) Collagen peptides as a wrinkle reducer (31:05 / 27:15) Hyaluronic acid serums versus supplements (33:23 / 29:28) Increasing fiber intake with psyllium husk (39:45 / 36:06) The data behind Omega 3s and testing levels (45:28 / 41:41) Are daily multivitamins helpful? (55:49 / 52:00) The best way to take your daily supplements (1:01:53 / 58:06) Dr. Stanfield’s daily smoothie recommendation (1:03:50 / 59:41) Optimal protein intake (1:06:18 / 1:02:35) Exercise is more protective for health than any supplement (1:13:04 / 1:09:22) The fundamentals of a healthy diet (1:19:30 / 1:15:47)  Dr. Stanfield’s journey (1:21:50 / 1:18:09) Also mentioned in this episode: Dr. Stanfield's Video: Resveratrol To learn more about Dr. Stanfield, follow him on Twitter, YouTube, or his website.  Optimize your Omega-3 levels by choosing a quality fish oil made by and used by the best. Go to and enter promo code DHRU to get 20% off any order.  Lumebox is offering my community $260 off their FDA-approved portable Red Light device! That's over 50% off! Go to and get your Red Light device.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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