It's Time To Escape The 'Rat Race' Before It's Too Late + How to Manifest Your Dreams & Goals in 2024 with Rob Dial
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This episode is brought to you by Lumebox, Lifeforce, and AirDoctor.  In our busy and stressful lives, it’s easy to feel lost while trying to discover our true purpose or potential. Our mental loops can become stuck on inadequacy and a constant state of unfulfillment. How do we stop the loop and break free? Today’s guest is here to show us how to Level Up during those challenging moments and unlock our heart’s true desires. Today, on The Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down with Rob Dial to discuss what prevents us from taking action when we feel lost and how the story of our identity holds us back. Rob shares the research and patterns he has found that can help us discover our passions and how he uses fears as an empowerment tool to navigate the next steps. From creating habits that stick to visualizing the world you want to manifest, Rob guides us in overcoming our blocks and continuing our journey to a more fulfilling life. Rob Dial is a high-performance coach, author of Level Up, and creator & host of the Mindset Mentor podcast. With over 17 years of experience in personal development, Rob empowers individuals to overcome mental limitations and unlock their hidden potential. Drawing from neuroscience, psychology, and his journey, he helps his listeners and readers make meaningful changes and master their mindset for a more fulfilling life. In this episode, Dhru and Rob dive into (audio version / Apple Subscriber version): What prevents individuals from taking action (0:00:25 / 0:00:25) The relationship between identity and belief systems (3:40 / 3:40) Identity as multiple parts of yourself (10:05 / 6:34) The stories we create and the importance of challenging them (13:30 / 12:16) Not knowing where to start and trying new things (25:00 / 21:40) Rob’s journey to pursue his passion (30:50 / 25:38) Following and assessing your energy (37:40 / 32:30) Real versus imagined fear and how it holds us back (41:20 / 36:33) Myths about purpose (54:30 / 49:26) Addiction as unresolved pain and trauma (57:58 / 53:15) How to step into your purpose (1:15:09 / 1:10:37) Visualizing the world you want (1:25:24 / 1:21:05) Creating habits that stick (1:35:12 / 1:30:15) Also mentioned in this episode: Level Up Rob’s book  To learn more about Rob, follow him on Instagram, or his website.  Lumebox is offering my community $260 off their FDA-approved portable Red Light device!  That's over 50% off! Go to and get your Red Light device.  Right now, you can save $250 on your first diagnostic and get personalized suggestions. Optimize your longevity and track your progress go to!  AirDoctor is offering my community $300 off. Just go to to clean up your home’s air and feel better today.   Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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