#1 Menopause Doctor: Biggest Myths On Weight Gain, Diet & Exercise For Women with Dr. Mary Claire Haver
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This episode is brought to you by Lifeforce, LMNT, and AquaTru.  The transition to menopause has historically lacked comprehensive discussion and is often perceived as an abrupt occurrence without recourse. Our guest today has emerged as a vocal advocate, shedding light on the journey from perimenopause to menopause and providing empowering strategies for women navigating this transformative phase. Today, on the Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down with menopause expert Dr. Mary Claire Haver. Dr. Haver guides us through the myths and misconceptions surrounding perimenopause and menopause. She sheds light on the misguided research and beliefs that contributed to a lack of awareness about this transition for women and the challenges women face during this time. This episode is a must-list for women of any age! Dr. Mary Claire Haver is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist. In 2021 she opened Mary Claire Wellness, a clinic dedicated to caring for the menopausal patient. She developed the best-selling book and program called The Galveston Diet, a three-pronged lifestyle plan that encourages fuel refocusing, intermittent fasting, and anti-inflammatory nutrition to manage hormonal symptoms, stabilize weight, and revitalize the body as it ages to provide benefits that will last a lifetime. In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Haver dive into (audio version / Apple Subscriber version): Why women are living in poorer health later in life (0:00:28 / 0:00:28) The implications of lack of education about perimenopause and menopause (9:03 / 5:41) Surprising symptoms related to perimenopause (14:35 / 11:30) Hormonal changes that cause visceral fat (18:53 / 15:45) What habits can help women reduce visceral fat (34:11 /29:36) Protein and resistance training (40:05 / 35:02) A disruption in sleep quality and sleep apnea in women (43:51 / 38:00) The stress impact on women (50:50 /45:25) Gaslighting and lack of education: why women aren’t being heard (56:36 / 51:50) How menopause impacts gut health(1:01:12 / 56:25) Supplements to support perimenopause and menopause (1:03:58 / 58:59)  HRT: Who is it for, how much, and when? (1:15:40 / 1:10:56) Also mentioned in this episode: Dr. Haver’s new book, The New Menopause North American Menopause Society Right now, you can save $250 on your first diagnostic and get personalized suggestions. Optimize your longevity and track your progress go to mylifeforce.com/dhru!  Right now, LMNT is offering my listeners a free sample pack with any purchase. Head over to DrinkLMNT.com/dhru today. AquaTru is a countertop reverse osmosis purifier with a four-stage filtration system that removes 15x more contaminants than the bestselling water filters out there. Go to dhrupurohit.com/filter/ and get $100 off when you try AquaTru for yourself. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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