Seances R Us
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We have a very special live episode for you recorded for the Arizona Theatre Matters 2022 Festival. In it, we talk all about seances (as if it wasn’t obvious from our last minisode). First, Cody talks about Helen Duncan, the last woman tried as a witch in Britain for talking to dead soldiers during WW2. Then, Chris discusses Mae West, the Hollywood starlet fascinated by seances. Next, Cody shares the story of a man who sets up a fake seance only to have the real thing thrown in his face. Finally, Chris talks about a crazy seance set up in a haunted Toys R Us…You read that right. Our drinks were whatever the heck we wanted to make for this special. Advisory: 0:00s-0:18s Intro Music: 0:18s-0:46s Topic: 0:46s-7:27m Drinks: 7:27m-10:37m History: 10:37m-20:24m Helen Duncan: 20:24m-32:40m Mae West: 32:40m-41:37m Trailer: 41:37m-42:32m Gross Pointe: 43:32m-51:30m Sylvia Browne: 51:30m-59:23m Ouija: 59:23m-1:04:50h Believer: 1:04:50h-1:07:46h Skeptic: 1:07:46h-1:13:40m Creep of the Week: 1:13:40m-1:15:35m Sign Off: 1:15:35h-1:28:16h Exit Music: 1:28:16h-1:28:33h Original Music: “Halloween Pumpkin” found at To find other strange podcasts, follow our network: Links History-,%22a%20movie%20session%22). Helen Duncan- Mae West- Gross Pointe- Sylvia Browne and the Haunted Toys ‘R Us: Ouija- a href=""...
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Published 10/03/22
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