Gamify your discipline for optimal results
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Using will power alone to achieve discipline is not sustainable. It becomes a constant battle, sucking energy from you, and is always an uphill battle. Even Rob didn’t understand the power of gamification before he started meticulously tracking his basic discipline statistics. It was only then that the data gave him energy. He could watch his progress and felt a sense of pride when he hit his goals. That reinforced his desire to win against himself, motivated him to keep going and continue to improve. Then habits were formed and what was previously a daily challenge was second nature. Only at that point could he set his sights on the next goal, and use gamification techniques to achieve it in the same way. Brent Ramos of Koa House, which he bills as a “Tropical Punk” health & wellness brand, is already on his way to optimization with his own version of Rob’s rhythm of existence. He’s also used elements of the Machine Method to build his business, but he still could use a little guidance from Rob on fundraising. They also talk about applying business philosophies to family and other aspects outside of work. IG: @koahouse Learn more about this episode.
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