How to Fire Someone the Right Way and Maintain Team Morale
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Firing an employee is never easy and can make unwanted waves in your company. The emotional weight and potential fallout can affect your team's spirit and your company's culture, making it one of the tasks business owners hate the most. It's a situation that requires legal due diligence, as well as a good grasp of people's feelings and how an organization works. So how do leaders make sure they're doing it right and respectfully?   In this week’s episode, host Donald Miller explores the best practices for letting an employee go. He’ll show you how firing someone the right way can keep your team’s morale up and avoid creating a negative work environment. You’ll learn a step-by-step approach for identifying when it's time to let someone go, preparing for the conversation, and finding ways to support both the person and the team through the transition. Tune in and get practical tips on how to make these tough decisions and conversations easier!   --   STUCK TRYING TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS? SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION FOR A CHANCE TO HAVE DON COACH THROUGH IT ON THE SHOW:    PRE-ORDER COACH BUILDER THE BOOK AND TRANSFORM YOUR EXPERTISE INTO A LUCRATIVE CONSULTING CAREER:   IF YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT IMPLEMENTING A PLAN TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND REVENUE, FLIGHT SCHOOL IS FOR YOU! JOIN NOW:   FIND AND FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:
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