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In this episode, Alban shares everything YouTube announced at Hot Pod Summit, the hosts talk about why NPR's student guide to podcasting should be integrated into broadcasting curriculum, and why podcasting is the loneliest medium. View the DISCUSSION THREAD on Twitter! HOT POD SUMMIT Alban attended his first Hot Pod Summit in New York this year. PODCASTS ON YOUTUBE MUSIC YouTube announced that podcasts are coming to YouTube Music. They're looking at having a cross-platform experience with both video and audio-only podcasts. See if your channel was selected to add podcasts early! BUZZSPROUT CONVERSATIONS: HOW TO GROW YOUR PODCAST IN 2023 Alban had a great interview with Ross from Smells Like Humans. Listen to the episode on this feed, or watch it on YouTube! NPR GUIDE TO STUDENT PODCASTING For five years, NPR has created Teaching Podcasting: A Curriculum Guide for Educators and Starting Your Podcast: A Guide For Students in which they divided learning podcasting into lesson stages. FOLLOW-UP: KEYBOARD CAT Thanks to Sara Rosett of Wish I'd Known Then for doing a deep dive (so we didn't have to). Her research has led us to believe that yes, Keyboard Cat was compensated for the Super Bowl commercial.  The Legend of Keyboard Cat Meme Manager: Ben Lashes POST SHOW: THE CONTENT IS THERE IS NO CONTENT YouTube's Live Animals - LIVE! Page The Frod Frog House Saga (There is now a Live FrodCam on Twitch as well!) Emily Zugay's Brand Redesigns Alban (50%), Kevin (26%), Jordan (22%), Ross (1%)  Support the showBecome a Buzzcast Supporter and get a shout-out in our next episode! Contact Buzzcast • Tweet us at @buzzcastpodcast, @albanbrooke, @kfinn, and @JordanPods • Send a "boostagram" through Fountain or Castamatic • Email us at [email protected] Thanks for listening & keep podcasting!
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