Apple Drops Episode Numbers: Why You Still Shouldn't Add Them To Your Title
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In this episode, we discuss the recent updates in the podcasting industry, including Jordan's experience at Podconf, Buzzsprout's newest features, YouTube Music's official launch of podcasts, and the debate surrounding the inclusion of episode numbers in podcast titles after Apple Podcasts removed them in a recent update. Kevin also shares a cautionary tale about spoiler-filled companion podcasts. View the DISCUSSION THREAD on Twitter! 📣 SOUND-OFF QUESTION: What is an unexpected outcome you've had from creating a podcast? To have your response featured on our next episode, leave a voice message at, send a boostagram, or tweet the answer @BuzzcastPodcast! PODCONF Jordan had a great time at Podconf & cannot wait to go again! BUZZSPROUT UPDATES New at Buzzsprout: Infinite Achievements and Improved User Roles! APPLE PODCASTS REMOVES EPISODE NUMBERS iOS 16.4 update removed episode numbers from Apple Podcasts episode titles. It may be tempting to add them back into the title instead, but there are reasons to not do so! YOUTUBE MUSIC OFFICIALLY HAS PODCASTS YouTube is slowly rolling out access to podcasts on their YouTube Music app. SERIAL VS EPISODIC PODCASTS Kevin recently tweeted about a bad experience because a podcast incorrectly sequenced their episodes.  Support the showContact Buzzcast • Tweet us at @buzzcastpodcast, @albanbrooke, @kfinn, and @JordanPods • Send a "boostagram" through Fountain or Castamatic • Email us at sup[email protected] Thanks for listening & keep podcasting!
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