The Truth About Cholesterol
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The fear of cholesterol has killed millions of people.  It underpins all of the most destructive eating habits:  avoiding fat, eating seed oils instead of saturated fat, and centering diets around carbohydrates. So what's the truth about cholesterol?
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Stoicism was made for times like these. In fact, Marcus Aurelius wrote Meditations, his seminal work, during the Antonine plague. Over the last 100 years the world has been zombified. Coronavirus is a wake up call. And like an early morning alarm, most people just want to go back to...
Published 05/21/20
Published 05/21/20
Modern society has turned painfully soft. There has been a surge of political correctness, hypersensitivity, and backlash around hard truths. No one tells it like it is anymore. There is no movement that better exemplifies this than the “body positivity” movement.
Published 05/14/20