Infiltrating His Friend Group
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This week, Father Cooper takes you on her (mental) journey as she tries to figure out how she will get herself to the one and only…Kentucky. After narrowly escaping death, she takes a moment to reflect upon this upcoming season and how she can ensure the daddy gang continues to ~vibe~ in Dunkin Donuts. In a teaching moment, she recounts an old NYC tale involving everyone’s favorite rapper (or baseball player?) …Slim Shady sit down. After listening to this episode, friend groups across the county are sure to be infiltrated. Don’t worry you greedy whores, you are going to France this week, and it is quite a ride. ENJOY DADDIES. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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This week, we begin the episode STILL in the f*****g Hamptons. You thought things couldn’t get any wilder from last week? Oh, you thought wrong…get ready to meet the neighbors. Once Father Cooper finally makes it to Chicago she changes the pace up a bit and sits down with Lauren to discuss some...
Published 07/14/21
Hello, you have come to the right place to clear up any controversy regarding Father Cooper’s recent Fourth of July trip to the Hamptons. Kicked out of a bar? YUP…and don’t worry she is giving you the full story. Not only is she detailing the physical removal from a bar, but she is also reporting...
Published 07/07/21
This week, Father Cooper begins by recalling a traumatizing memory from childhood that somehow managed to seep its way into her current relationship. Old habits never truly die and we all pause to witness a moment of regression in our dear daddy. Speaking of relationships, do we dare drop the L...
Published 06/30/21