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News -   JBS meats recovering Iran warship sunk Iran refinery fire (Again)   Half of businesses have increased priority on disaster preparedness since the start of COVID-19 Chip shortage starting to effect the supply chain. Effects everything from TV’s to computers to cars. Thousands of cars are sitting in parking lots assembled but waiting for chips. Word is dealers only have a couple weeks of inventory instead of the unusual couple months This week’s book had me thinking about other threats to the electrical grid, so this article kind jumped out at me: The Sun Set Off 4,000 Sea Mines During the Vietnam War Only now do scientists fully understand just how strong a 1972 solar storm was. Got me thinking about the Carrington Event, and the Quebec power blackout of 1989.  Lloyd’s of London estimates (in 2013) that the event would have caused 0.6 to 2.6 Trillion dollars in damage (3.6% to 15.5% of annual GDP).  Reading about Quebec I learned that different rock structures under powerlines have different impacts on the potential damage; the granite bedrock of Canadian shield being one of the worse because it acts as an insulator and the energy goes into the power lines and little is absorbed into the ground.     PODCAST CHALLENGE Take some time to read this highly regarded fiction.  It provides a break from the everyday, with the added bonus of providing motivation to keep prepping. Perhaps endeavour to make a proper Faraday Cage…  Or buy a faraday bag?   Upcoming events Mapleseed events   Deal(s) of the Week Ian - MIdland FRSs on sale   Glock copy BB Guns   Amazon link
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