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In this episode of Car Chat, host Sam Moores talks with Rowan Hick, the founder of Global Workshop, a platform designed to assist in the management of vehicle builds, restorations, and races. Rowan discusses the origins of Global Workshop, detailing how personal necessity led to the creation of a system that simplifies the management of complex vehicle projects for enthusiasts and professionals. Additionally, Rowan shares his personal journey in the automotive world, from modifying a Fraser Clubman to pushing the boundaries of home racing simulators. With a background in software development, Rowan's transition into the automotive sector highlights the merging of technological innovation with automotive passion. This episode provides insights into the nuanced world of vehicle restoration and project management, reflecting on the challenges faced and the solutions developed by those deeply embedded in the craft. Listen in for a detailed discussion on the intersection of technology, personal passion, and automotive craftsmanship with Sam Moores and Rowan Hick. Enjoy, Show Notes: 00:00 = Intro 13:18 = Evolution Of The App 18:00 = Use Cases 23:01 = Speccing The Fraser 26:32 = Rowan's Automotive Journey 30:53 = Driving And Racing In NZ 34:43 = Driving The Frazer 37:58 = Rowan's Sim 56:54 = The Future Of Global Workshop 1:03:52 = Tailoring The App 1:11:00 = 5 Questions Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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