Ep. 10: GOP candidate Matthew Foldi’s plan to fight Biden’s anti-Semitic appointees
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In this week’s “Mideast News Hour,” Caroline Glick hosts Matthew Foldi, a 25-year-old candidate in the Republican primaries for Maryland’s 6th Congressional district. They discuss his plans for fighting anti-Semitism and other diseases of the Biden administration. If elected, Foldi will be charged with protecting the civil rights of Jews and of all groups that find themselves beyond the bounds of progressive politics. He will also have to fight the increasingly endemic corruption of senior members of the Biden team.
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In this week’s episode, Caroline analyzes the efforts to thwart judicial reform in Israel and the threat from the newly appointed Attorney General to fire Netanyahu. She analyzes how over the past thirty years, the left transformed Israel’s legal fraternity into a means to control government...
Published 01/24/23
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Published 01/17/23