Ep. 23: Why is Australia’s Labour government assaulting Jerusalem and Israel?
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Australia’s Labour government’s decision to “celebrate” Simchat Torah by renouncing Canberra’s recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is an assault on Israel, Caroline Glick argues in the latest episode of the “Caroline Glick Show.” Joining Glick ahead of the Israeli elections is also MK Simcha Rothman. The two discuss legal reforms and the Religious Zionism Party legal platform. In her remarks, Glick also discusses the Israel-Lebanon deal and the protests in Iran.
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In this week’s episode, Caroline analyzes the efforts to thwart judicial reform in Israel and the threat from the newly appointed Attorney General to fire Netanyahu. She analyzes how over the past thirty years, the left transformed Israel’s legal fraternity into a means to control government...
Published 01/24/23
In the new episode of the “Caroline Glick Show,” author Karol Markowicz joins Caroline Glick to discuss the rise of proud Zionist Jews in America and the judicial reform in Israel. According to Markowicz, there is a new sort of Jew emerging in America. He isn’t progressive. He isn’t conservative....
Published 01/17/23
Published 01/17/23