Ep. 45: This is what Netanyahu needs to do
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Faced with an empowered nuclear-pending Iran, weakened America and division at home, what should PM Netanyahu do? How can he show leadership during this crucial time? On this week’s “Caroline Glick” show, host and journalist Caroline Glick is joined by former leftist kibbutznik, Israeli journalist and columnist for Makor Rishon Amnon Lord to discuss.
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Two Years into Prime Minister Netanhyahu's Trial, the charges against Israel's leader have completely collapsed. The prosecution has been exposed as politicized and corrupt.Caroline's guest this week is Moshe Kovarsky. Moshe, who co-founded Project 315 two years ago to go through the specific...
Published 05/23/23
Published 05/23/23
Channel 12 Israeli anchor and model Galit Gutman used Naziesque language when she called the ultra-orthodox "blood-suckers" and claimed that "they are cheating us". Caroline Glick examines the left's continued grotesque language to describe their political opponents and discusses what they really...
Published 05/22/23