Episode 19 The Murder of Wendy Madden
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Our update for this week: Meta Valentine's accused killer has been charged! Thank you Fayetteville PD and Cumberland Count DA's Office! Listen to the update at the beginning of this episode. Episode 19 The Murder of Wendy Madden Wendy Madden was 23 years old when she was murdered and left behind a now-demolished little neighborhood bar. Can you help cold case investigators bring her killer to justice? Why would anyone want to hurt this beautiful young woman? Join us as we head North on I-95, up to Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We're going to pull off on Exit 30. On March 11th, 1991, Wendy set out to walk to the store on a cold Monday night. She said she was going to get cigarettes from a place called Store 24, which is now called ABC Liquors. She was last seen near the intersection of Rail Road Street and Cross Street. Wendy's body was found on March 13th behind Jan's Place, a bar which has now been torn down and is just a grassy lot, dedicated to storing somebody's covered RV. Wendy has not had justice for 27 years. She would be old enough to have grandkids right now. She has missed out on so many of life's joys.  Detective Cormier has come so far in her search, from digging out old undeveloped negatives to getting samples tested for DNA. Let's do what we can to help her finish the job.  Check out our websitecaseacquaint.com for more pictures and info about this case. Police feel they are close to being able to charge the person responsible for t
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