The Mangler
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Welcome to S2E2! This week we're getting mangled by The Mangler!  Join Cas, Kate, and Spencer as they STRUGGLE their way through this dumb story and even dumber movie. Thanks to the Legato Vipers
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*Long lonely hawk call* Well we've turned back the clock almost 100 years. It's 1922 and once again the Rockettes are talking about corn. We always seem to be talking about that tall yellow stuff. Thanks to the Legato Vipers for use of their song "Chocolate Milk"
Published 12/20/21
Published 12/20/21
This week we've got something special for you! Instead of our regular episode we've got a sneak preview of our Patreon Exclusive Podcast: "The Stand Alone Tapes". Join Cas, Spencer, and Kate as they discuss the first episode of the 2020 TV show The Stand. We'll be back on the 20th of December...
Published 12/06/21