215. The Boys Club And How I Set Them Straight
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In this week's Wine Down Wednesday, Suneera Madhani invites you to be part of a phenomenal community for female entrepreneurs! It is time for women to represent in the boardroom, conferences, and statistics. We are introducing The Club 2.0, where you’ll receive incomparable content, workshops, a directory, and monthly live coaching events. Join this week and take advantage of our lowest price on Black Friday.   Doors are now open. Learn more today at https://theceoschool.co/ceo-club-2022
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In today's episode, we invite you to Day Two of the CEO School Experience with Suneera Madhani. In this session, Suneera shares The People Playbook. To grow into what you want to create, you need committed team members who see the vision and help you build your company. People can be scary -...
Published 01/23/23
Published 01/23/23
Welcome to the CEO School Experience with Suneera Madhani. In this session we are all about creating YOUR 2023 Annual Operating Plan. This will let you walk into the year ahead with clarity around your decisions, a forecastable, profitable business and a plan. We’re going to create the business...
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