FREEING GAIA #03 | The NEW Challenge | BMW Podcast
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Back in real life, Key, Reema, and Caleb attempt to find the hidden gem. But they must first relive their darkest memories, recall their greatest dreams, and rediscover their fondest joys. Every step brings them closer to their goal, but also to a concealed threat that awaits them. They risk not only their lives, but the future of Gaia, as well. When it comes to protecting her best companion BMW Super iX, Reema utilizes all her powers. Reema and the BMW Super iX seize control of their own destiny, harnessing the power of electrified driving.   Want to find out more about our superheroes? Click here:   (00:00) Introduction  (02:13) Key shares how she discovered her powers (04:09) Reema finds her inspiration (04:49) Three forces connect (05:37) Harmonia!  (06:22) A road trip with the BMW iX (11:22) Caleb leads Reema and Key into the darkest part of the forest (11:38) The Cosmic Gem  (14:55) The three superheroes are attacked by an unknown threat (15:18) Key gets shot (20:07) Boosted by Reema's power, Super iX drives them to safety
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Narrowly evading the threats that pursued them on the road, the new superheroes seek refuge in Key's office, where they have access to mega-computers. Now that the gem is in their possession, a bridge must be built between the real and digital worlds. It all seems simple enough, but what if the...
Published 12/22/23
Not knowing what the real mission is, Key and Reema head out to convince Caleb. All Caleb needs are the reassuring words of his loyal pal Ivee (BMW i Vision Circular): "Trust in your power". Who sent them the message, what awaits them, and which challenges they will face is unknown. The only...
Published 12/10/23