588 - Kill Bill feat. Stavros Halkias (12/28/21)
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Stav’s back for an end-of-the-year round of relationship advice. We analyze Madison Cawthorn’s failed relationship, answer Dear Prudie questions, and look at a NYT op-ed about how it’s normal and cool to hate your husband. All things Stavvy at https://stavvy.biz/ Tickets for our Southern tour are on sale over at chapotraphouse.com/live
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Normal! Natural! Healthy! Sane! It’s an episode on the California primaries! Friend of the show Josh Androsky stops by to give you everything you need to know to vote responsibly in the upcoming elections in California. But fear not, non-Golden State residents, this episode has laffs for you as...
Published 05/26/22
Published 05/26/22
Helllllloooo babies! Just as we anticipated, Eric Adams explores a run for president in 2024, so we look at the possibility of New York’s mayor taking his vibe revolution national. We also look at some juicy financial drama going on over at Black Rifle Coffee Company, plus, Tom Friedman’s sad,...
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