594 - Adult Roller Coaster (1/17/22)
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So I (Chris) take one week off producing for a little vacation and somehow the boys manage to accidentally record all three of themselves into just one mic track for this ep? Idk I literally can’t leave these jokers alone for one minute. Our guest editor did heroic work getting this listenable, but sorry for the “chapo classic” audio quality. Anyway, the boys are back in town and California dreamin' on such a winter's day, they discuss whether MLK's civil rights rings are legit or Mickey Mouse, ongoing COVID hysteria, demand parents leave twitter for Facebook, how s****y it is to be a kid these days, and finally Felix debuts his idea for an adult Six Flags Great Adventure.
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Published 05/27/22
Published 05/27/22
Normal! Natural! Healthy! Sane! It’s an episode on the California primaries! Friend of the show Josh Androsky stops by to give you everything you need to know to vote responsibly in the upcoming elections in California. But fear not, non-Golden State residents, this episode has laffs for you as...
Published 05/26/22