630 - Full Stomach, Heavy Heart, Will Lose (5/23/22)
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Helllllloooo babies! Just as we anticipated, Eric Adams explores a run for president in 2024, so we look at the possibility of New York’s mayor taking his vibe revolution national. We also look at some juicy financial drama going on over at Black Rifle Coffee Company, plus, Tom Friedman’s sad, ominous lunch with the President. Catch us a Pickathon August 6th, tickets at: www.pickathon.com
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Published 07/01/22
The crew discusses the massive news of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe. We talk about the overt evils and incompetent failures that got us to this point, the immediate reactions from various parties, and what may lie in the future.
Published 06/28/22
Published 06/28/22