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In todays episode we talked about periods!!! ewwwww! Well all girls have them and they're completely normal. So today we asked you guys to ask us your period questions so we could be your big sisters and answer them for you. We also tried to call some of you guys to hear your tragic periods stories! Hopefully you found this episode entertaining if you did please give us 5 stars and subscribe to the podcast! Talk to you guys next week :) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cherrylipgloss/support
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In todays episode Becca and I talk about self improvement and how we get our stuff together before we look for a relationship. I think its so important to prioritize your relationship with Christ before looking for a man. Which is why we made an entire episode about creating a strong foundation...
Published 07/16/21
In todays episode, we put out sister hood to the test and of course the viewers to see how well we know each other. We asked questions to each other and to you all listening to try and guess what our answers would be! We surprisingly did horrible lol hopefully you guys did better than we did....
Published 07/10/21
In todays podcast we talked about our jobs! We also wanted to call some of you and hear your worst rude costumer stories. However, most of you guys didn't answer :( Well hopefully you still enjoyed this podcast. If you did please give us a five star review. Love you guys talk to you next...
Published 07/02/21