"I KISSED MY SISTERS BOYFRIEND" Reading Your Secret Confessions!!
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In todays episode Becca and I read your most secret most deep dark secrets to the whole world!! Anonymously of course ;) This was such a juicy episode where we spilled your tea instead of our own. Please give us a 5 star review so we can keep making episode and perhaps spill more of you guys tea in the future! Love y'all talk to you next week 3 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cherrylipgloss/support
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In today's podcast we talked to my brother and successful YouTuber Legit Tim. He shared his story of how we got started and became successful on Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook. He told us the story of how hard it was getting started how much he got bullied because of his YouTube channel. This was...
Published 11/22/21
In this episode Becca and I talked about our next step and what we plan on doing in the future. We talked about self improvement and how we better our lives and encourage you guys to to do the same. We wanted to give advise this episode and try and motivate you guys to be your best self and go...
Published 10/21/21
Published 10/21/21