Andy McKee
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An incredibly influential acoustic guitarist, Andy's "Drifting" YouTube video went viral long before "going viral" was a thing. Years later, Andy has easily cemented his place as the standard-bearer for modern, percussive guitar playing (pioneered by players like Michael Hedges, Don Ross, and others, and then brought to new heights by Andy).  Greg and Andy get into the Acoustic Gristle today!  1:58 - Andy’s current life and playing schedule during Winter ’21 with Tommy Emmanuel, and his early influences 7:07 - Andy’s unique playing style, and what drew him to utilize the body of the guitar as a percussion instrument 13:31 - How Andy approaches live performances, leaving space for dynamic improvisation, bringing guitars on tour, and playing with fanned frets 25:12 - Growing up and living in the Midwest, and life during lockdown 32:34 - The beauty of playing guitar for the sake of having fun, eating for the sake of eating, and travel 39:32 - What’s coming down the pipeline for Andy 44:10 - Andy’s new label and touring plans Total Length: 62:26 Fishman Dedicated to helping musicians achieve the truest sound possible whenever they plug-in. Wildwood Guitars One of the world’s premier retailers of exceptional electric and acoustic guitars.
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