Gretchen Menn
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One of Guitar World's Top 50 Guitarists, Gretchen Menn first grabbed everyone's attention with Zepparella, an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band that has been turning heads for years.  Gretchen's work goes far beyond Zeppelin, and today Greg and her get into the details! 2:51 - The joys of playing, being able to focus focus focus as a player during lockdown, and the art of avoiding professional humiliation 6:14 - Gretchen’s take on playing Led Zeppelin tunes live for a living — a mix of staying true to the spirit of Jimmy Page and finding her own personal voice 10:07 - Zeppelin — bootlegs, off-nights, and the greatness that was and forever will be 18:20 - Gretchen’s latest album, and her approach to composition 23:58 - The study of classical guitar, fine-tuning your practice technique, Gretchen’s foray in pilot’s school, and bringing your guitar on an airplane 47:17 - Steve Morris, Frank Zappa, The Dixie Dreggs, Jeff Beck, and the great players who pull Classical influence into Rock 54:39 - Gretchen’s touring plans Total Length: 67:17
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