Jonathan Toews Predictions, Blackhawks Game Results, Ryan O'reilly Trade
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🏒Jonathan Toews may be having issues with his auto immune disorder. 🏒Trade Market for Patrick Kane has gotten smaller. 🏒Last few Blackhawks game results with review. 🏒Calgary Flames went from playoffs last year to maybe looking in this year. 🏒Ryan O'reilly trade to Leafs was a great move! Thank you for listening be sure to check out these offers from our sponsors! Manscaped Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code [INSERT CODE] at That’s 20% off with free shipping at, and use code [INSERT CODE]. LiquidIV  Experience better hydration🚰today at Liquid IV promo code Chicagotomahawk Staying hydrated can be difficult. That’s why liquidiv makes it easy with CTT technology that hydrates faster than water💧with essential vitamins💊
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Mike and Matt had a great talk about Chris Chelios and his career. He had an excellent retirement ceremony and we had a lot of Old time Blackhawk talk. Liquid IV Get 15% off when you go to LIQUID IV DOT COM and use code «Chicagotomahawk» at checkout. That’s 15% of ANYTHING you order when you...
Published 02/26/24
Bedard is back. Out for weeks and he still lead rookies in points. Kurashev stepped up in his absence and has played well. Blackhawks are doing terrible with Lukas Reichel Torts Comments. Jagr getting his number retired. Get 15% off when you go to LIQUID IV DOT COM and use code...
Published 02/19/24