Bedard is Back, Kurashev Stepped Up, Jagr Gets His Number Retired
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Bedard is back. Out for weeks and he still lead rookies in points. Kurashev stepped up in his absence and has played well. Blackhawks are doing terrible with Lukas Reichel Torts Comments. Jagr getting his number retired. Get 15% off when you go to LIQUID IV DOT COM and use code «Chicagotomahawk» at checkout. That’s 15% of ANYTHING you order when you use promo code «Chicagotomahawk» at LIQUID IV DOT COM. Experience better hydration today at LIQUID IV DOT COM, promo code «Chicagotomahawk». Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Blackhawks called up Prospects Lukas Reichel and Wyatt Kaiser. Both played well in the games they have played and have looked to have taken a positive step forward in their development. Hawks drop a bad one to the Ducks and comeback against the Sharks. We could have upwards of 10 50 goal...
Published 03/25/24
This week the Blackhawks win 2 games and drop 1. Lukas Reichel gets called back up. We disagreed with him being sent down in the first place. Landon Slaggert signed his entry level deal and played in his first NHL game. He looked good. Obviously still new and figuring it out but he had speed...
Published 03/18/24