Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 51: Dexterity in Action
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Moksha is not freedom from action but freedom in action. Get freedom from bondage from birth and death I react and leaves behind karma phalas and vasanas Freedom from vasanas, karma phalas Karma yoga gives you the opportunity to catharise your vasanas - the freedom to get out of the repetitive chain of desire - action - reaction. When such a mind becomes calm, there comes an efficiency. And you do the action and dont become bound. The entire Geeta Marathon by Swami Swaroopananda can be caught at
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The mind is easily coloured by sense pleasures and the intellect often justifies indulgence, but Krishna explains how an intellect dedicated to a higher goal can lovingly inspire the mind to master, and not just suppress, the senses. Swamiji also introduces Krishna’s famous ‘ladder of fall’ to...
Published 06/01/23
How much can one abstain from all the temptations of the world? When we stay away from the temptations, they eventually turn away from us too. However, Krishna reminds us that the memory of the pleasures continues to tempt even the most intelligent of us! Having withdrawn the senses, the mind...
Published 05/21/23