194. The American Dream, Believing Without a Sign and Bartering Your Integrity
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Todd and Julie talk about an article that misinterpreted what Todd was trying to say on last week's episode. They also discuss how easy it is to believe in God when things are going your way. The importance in believing God is there even when you don't see a sign. Todd recalls a time that a friend tried to compromise his integrity and how he handled it. They also listen to voicemails dealing with the burden of owning a business, losing a brother and repeating the same mistakes in new relationships.
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Published 09/29/22
Todd and Julie talk about the hurricane situation in Florida. Todd talks about losing his faith in journalism while discussing Armie Hammer. Todd watched a documentary about the allegations against the actor that in his opinion "didn't add up". Julie describes the sermon that made her weep on her...
Published 09/29/22
Todd and Julie talk about living an intentional life and the power of prayer. Todd reads something that touched him regarding how prayer can move nations. They talk about the obligation they feel as Christians in the public sphere and how God allows one to be broken so he can build back better....
Published 09/21/22